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These are questions that are frequently asked by our customers. To ask your question submit it on our Contact Us page.

Q: What is a Ground Fault Interrupter receptacle and where do they belong in my home?
A: An electrical shock prevention device.

  • GFI electrical outlets and breakers constantly monitor the power flowing through them, sensing even a 0.5 millivolt change in current and shutting off the power to the outlet.
  • The National Electric Code requires that all residences shall have GFI protection in bathrooms, kitchens, unfinished basements, garages, outdoor outlets and all other areas. These devices are also required in areas which can be exposed to water. Detailed guidelines of installation locations can be found in the National Electric Code.
  • Carefully replace GFI outlets! If they are wired incorrectly, the "Test" button may work but power can still be flowing through the outlet.

Q: Is an Arc Fault Circuit Breaker the same as a GFI breaker?
A: No. The arc fault circuit breaker is designed primarily to protect against fires. The GFI circuit breaker is designed primarily to protect against shock.

  • The National Electric Code requires that all new homes shall have arc fault circuit breakers protecting bedroom circuits.
  • These breakers sense the stability of current flow through the circuit. When the internal circuitry of the breaker senses a disruption in the current flow, it will automatically determine if the disruption is a normal occurrence or an arcing situation. The breaker will automatically trip if arcing is identified.
  • Although these breakers are quite costly, you may consider upgrading in older homes to give an early warning of failing wiring.

Q: Is an FPE or Federal Pacific breaker panel a fire hazard?
A: An FPE, or Federal Pacific, breaker panel is an old breaker panel that has been linked to fires. These old panels have a flaw in the way the breakers attach to the panel, letting them work loose and arc. Replacement breakers are still available and are of good quality. If your FPE panel is in good shape it can last a long time. However most of these panels age poorly and need to be replaced.

Q: I have aluminum wiring. Is this a fire hazard?
A: Aluminum wiring abatement is not as difficult or expensive as some would have you believe. For solutions to aluminum wiring call us and let us come out for a diagnosis.

Q: I have an emergency. How do I reach you?
A: Call 720-353-6589 immediately, we answer the phone 24/7.

Q: Are you expensive?
A: We are trained and experienced electricians who are serious about our trade and profession. Compared to our competition we are the best bargain in Denver for quality electrical service and installation, usually only half of their charge.

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